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Download Xerox Colorqube 8570 Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Mac. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Xerox Colorqube 8570.

"Xerox Colorqube 8570"

The Xerox Colorqube 8570 is pretty massive, simply larger than associate power unit optical device Jet 2100, take up an honest chink of table area, and weighs plenty. I calculable it weighs concerning sixty five lbs and it took my boss and that i to hold it over to wherever it absolutely was being set up! Once it absolutely was unboxed, you cold tell that Xerox place plenty of thought into their packaging. there is a minimum of phenylethylene and plastic within the box, and every one of the compartments and access doors area unit taped off to stay them from gap. The tape conjointly has tabbed edges thus it absolutely was easier to peel it off. Thanks Xerox! options embody a good-sized paper receptacle (I calculable it might hold five hundred sheets) that has adjustable guides for many totally different paper sizes. It comes with the vital maintenance kit, overflow/waste receptacle, and a pair of sets of ink (one set was already within the printer). there is a fold-out front feeder and access port for clearing jams additionally. It's pretty easy to line it up. You get a set-up guide, that wasn't abundant facilitate if you do not apprehend what you are doing, and a user guide that is in concerning ten totally different languages. the driving force software system comes on a read-only storage and is includes a video tutorial of the precise same user and installation guides you get within the box, which does not be to Maine.

Initial discovered is straightforward. Loading paper could be a snap... Pull out the receptacle and set it in. You should not ought to alter the guides in any respect if you are victimization A5 letter paper. Loading the ink blocks is additionally straightforward. simply elevate open the highest and drop them into their several slots (the blocks area unit formed in order that they can solely move into a way thus you do not place one within the wrong slot). you've got to get rid of the access panel on the rear hand facet to access the facility socket, ethernet, and USB port. The Xerox Colorqube 8570 supports each USB and LAN networking property, and neither cords area unit enclosed ('d suppose Xerox would come with a $3 wire with a printer that prices $500). You are doing get a customary 3-prong cord just like the ones PC's use and it's pretty long, that was nice. there's no wireless local area network property, however that is truly not a foul issue. wireless local area network is unreliable, and once it goes down, you cannot print which may be unhealthy. For a home user, it's fine, except for business, productivity mandates dependability.

The printer should be connected (counterintuitive to what I actually have learned in IT) and hopped-up on before putting in the drivers, however the configuration procedure (we set it au courant a network and gave it a static informatics, that was straightforward) was terribly easy. the driving force install wizard was conjointly super straightforward. It just about did all the work for you and was in no time. The wizard finished in concerning a pair of minutes. It runs Adobe PostScript and PCL5, in order that was a pleasant addition. The menus were well laid-out. a number of them were a bit confusing, however everything was pretty straightforward to search out. The initial power-on procedure took forever and each day. From activation to 1st print took (no joke) concerning twenty minutes, however afterward, pages written terribly quickly, concerning five seconds from "print" to print, and therefore the print speed averaged concerning thirty pages per minute color and b/w. concerning average for these varieties of machines. once the machine is not being employed for a moment, it goes into standby "power save" mode. The Xerox Colorqube 8570 model also will do automatic duplexing and may print on almost any style of paper or media you raise it to (aside from Brobdingnagian banners), brochures, pamphlets, cards, letters, photos, envelopes etc.

Print quality is extremely sensible and Xerox lists the soap resolution as 2400dpi for color and black. I used to be affected with the colour replica capabilities of the Xerox Colorqube 8570. the colours were terribly made and spirited, I would say nearly as good if not a bit higher than a color optical device, and therefore the blacks were terribly crisp similar to an honest optical device, thus nothing to complain concerning there. the feel of the print is additionally terribly nice. because of the solid ink, the prints area unit shiny and a bit raised, giving it the planning of a identity card, and this may create it thus you'll be able to get superb print quality albeit you're victimization low cost paper, that is sweet for cost-savings. However, the standard once printing photos wasn't that nice. I actually have seen higher photos kick off of a $150 inkjet printer, however the Xerox will print on shiny or matte icon paper (unlike a optical device, that uses heat and would metallic elementin the plastics within the paper) to assist the standard, however to be honest this is not a photograph printer and wasn't designed to be. Text and graphics came out excellent! i used to be affected. One draw back is that you just cannot laminate ColorCube prints as a result of the warmth of the skilled worker remelts the ink and may cause dirty or blurred texts or graphics, style of like associate out-of-focus camera image.

Paper jams with this machine area unit pretty rare, and that they area unit painfully reliable. I seldom hear of those breaking down, even below significant use. If you can, get the extended pledge from Xerox. If it breaks, they send a school bent on fix it for no charge (like Dell's service). Duty cycles area unit high, with (as per Xerox's recommendation) of 85000 pictures per month. The ink conjointly lasts a protracted time (provided you do not flip it off). High volume applications will have the big blocks last for many months before wanting to get replaced, and therefore the printer holds plenty of ink. It came with a pair of sets of the little blocks, and you'll match up to four of these blocks within the slots. Xerox conjointly sells the larger blocks for extended life additionally.

Now, for those that have browse some under unhostile reviews of this, i'll say that for what it absolutely was designed to try to to (print) it will fabulously, except for most people, the 8570 are overkill and presumably a bit annoying or laborious to measure with. it's screaky associated impractical for all the world under continuous or business use (like in an workplace environment). Turning it on takes forever, and through the nice and cozy up method it makes many weird noises...clunks, squeaks, hissing, grunts, you name it. My boss aforementioned it seemed like a Star Trek Tricorder a handful times! throughout the print method you get a mechanical racket of noisy and thumping till your print comes out. it is not offensive, however noticeable. It will have a "quiet mode" that did facilitate with the noise, however not a forceful improvement.

The printer will have fans that run to stay elements within cool, however they don't seem to be screaky in any respect, concerning sort of a computer fan, however quieter. the area conjointly began to smell a bit bit like chemicals, little doubt from the fusible ink within the printer, however it went away. Also, after I turned it on, I got a warning expression the upkeep kit wasn't put in although it absolutely was, thus I took it out and place it back In and it absolutely was fine. Another annoying issue is that once the initial configuration it written eight pages of the printer configuration specifications...what a waste, and once each reset it might print a standing page. Annoying. you'll be able to flip this feature off tho' to stop it from revenant.

The other issue is that the ink is dear. to interchange a complete set can run $100 or a lot of, thus you'll basically purchase a replacement inkjet printer with the ink replacement prices of the ColorCube, but again, this is often a piece machine that prices $500, thus within the long-standing time it's still efficient as a result of the blocks last a protracted time. You live their duty cycle in thousands of pages rather than lots of like with high capability inkjet cartridges, that value concerning $80 to interchange a group of half dozen cartridges (like with associate power unit C6000-7000 series printer) and $50 to interchange four. Others have complained that it wastes ink, and it will, however as long as you switch it off. Xerox even recommends that you just do not flip it off unless you fully ought to. the explanation is that the printer keeps thusme ink during a liquid state so it will use it to print employment rather than waiting to soften some (which takes fifteen minutes). once the facility to the heater is turned off, it's forced to dump out the fusible ink to stop it from curing and obstructive (ruining) the print heads. this is often why it's an influence save mode. Some complain that it does not save power, however it's extremely not that unhealthy. The full-load of this machine is over two hundred watts, however the at-rest power consumption is concerning forty five watts. throughout the facility save mode it is not that screaky in any respect. I solely detected a very quiet fan running once in a while and that is it. quite quiet enough for associate workplace, however it's one thing else once it's printing, that is why this would not be optimum for a home.

To ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Xerox Colorqube 8570 provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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