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Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Firmware Download

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Firmware Download. Hi friend that it! See you again ya with me which certainly brings the latest gadgets for you all. comrades still remember the series? One of the technology giant Samsung smartphone works it indeed had a boom when Indonesia had just hit by the fever of Android phones. Well this time, the South Korean company that presents which is 'reincarnation' of. But, why the name is 'Ace'? This successor to the anyway? Oops, do not be upset first mate everything! The is indeed the product 'hodgepodge' made by Samsung. Yes, this time is a combination of the  and the. Hence, the name is also carried by companies from the State Ginseng. As product updates from the previous version, of course, if is equipped with the new specifications in order to provide better performance to users. If comrade remember, the predecessor of the series, when it carries a 4.3-inch screen, but it is still a kind of a regular LCD display panel. Well, in the e, which used the screen is Super screen type. Whew! Sophisticated huh? Despite its status only smartphone beginners class, but apparently has a specification that is highly qualified.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Firmware Download

Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Besides carrying the Super type display panel which will become a mainstay in the visual part, is also well equipped with components of other, although most are still in the form of standard components. One of the leading sectors of the is the capacity of the internal memory is quite wide, which is 4 GB. Size 4 GB is quite standard, but excellence in this smartphone is still the existence of an external memory slot which can be expanded up to a capacity of 128 GB. It certainly would be an excess because many of the new smartphone, but is not equipped with an external microSD slot. Leaches out of the storage space, it turns out Samsung smartphone this latest edition also has a pretty good engine components. is carrying dual-core processor 1.3 GHz, supported by RAM capacity of 512 MB. For the size of modern smart phones, these components are classified as standard, but can be relied upon to perform the commands that are not too heavy. Then, the is also equipped with a 5 MP camera and 2 MP. Although the default is also very minimal, but the presence of two such cameras must have been greatly assist your photographic purposes. Well to find out the true quality of this smartphone, see the full review on the specifications and price of to segments below!

Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Mobile Classroom Starter Physical Design Attractive and Super AMOLED Screen
Lately, many vendors are choosing physical dimensions large enough on new smartphones. This is intended to accommodate the screen size is too large in size. But this time, the specifications of on the physical part has a size small enough. The physical dimensions of this smartphone are 130.1 x 67.6 x 9.5 mm with a weight reached 128 grams. Such a measure would make the tiny has a body that is comfortable enough to be operated in one hand a small addition to a fairly compact body, the design concept was also quite attractive. This smartphone has a corner protruding thin grooves on each end, like the Samsung Galaxy Active older version. The concept of physical design on the This will make it increasingly feels solid when held. Then, on the visual part, it relies on the smartphone screen Super AMOLED type measuring 4.3 inches which is capable of producing a resolution of 480 X 800 pixels with a density reached 217 ppi display. Although the screen resolution of the is relatively low, but because of the type of screen is Super AMOLED screen type, the screen quality was already very good. It is also the one who makes the specification Galaxy Ace J1 not equipped with screen protection system considering the type of screen Super AMOLED also has resilience.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Firmware Download

Kitchen cardiac pacing powered by CPU Dual-core 1.3 GHz
As already mentioned earlier review, performance remains resilient although it is only a beginner class smartphone. specifications of Samsung Galaxy Ace on the machine this time it has the quality to show a strong performance. It is not separated from the use of components embedded on does have a pretty good quality. This time, Samsung relied Dual-core processor 1.3 GHz to be the heart of the engine room. Although it is a component of a low-end machine, but a concoction of hardware on the will support multitasking capabilities and also operational. To further improve performance, Samsung was pinned RAM capacity of 512 MB. For the size of a modern smartphone, is the RAM capacity on the is relatively small. So, do not be surprised later operation a little slow, especially for running applications that have a large capacity. So, we suggest that comrade needed only install applications on is to maintain the stability of its work. As a dessert dish in the kitchen sector runway, Samsung completes specifications of in the room kitchen runway with the Android operating system version 4.4, or commonly known as the Android OS KitKat.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Download Firmware
Complete 4 GB Internal memory with microSD Slot Up to 128 GB
The more sophisticated a gadget, of course, the greater the memory capacity is needed. Well, it's time to discuss the specifications of on data storage space. In this sector, Samsung still carrying the same specs as the old version. is equipped with 4 GB of internal memory area. For the lower middle class smartphone, measuring 4 GB of internal memory is already plural is used. A space of 4 GB on a it is enough to accommodate the purposes of the files in the system and be able to accommodate the personal files of users. However, if the user has a smartphone or application files that are large, specifications of the in the memory space is also equipped with a microSD slot that can accommodate external memory card up to a capacity of 128 GB.

Rely Standard Duet Photography lines 5 MP camera and 2 MP
Well here's a sector that is usually a favorite for the novice user, the line of photography. One that makes handsets Samsung becomes high level of quality is the presence of the camera. Similarly, existing on the specifications of. The main part in the photography sector is driven by a powerful 5 MP camera coupled with a LED Flash technology. In a release, Samsung writes that the main camera on the being able to make friends enjoy photo shots and video with maximum detail beauty. Photographic quality on the is not separated from the main camera resolution reaches 2592 х 1944 pixels. With the support of LED flash, pal will also be easier to take photos in low light areas. As for the need selfie, Samsung completes photography Ace in line with the 2 MP secondary camera located on the front side. If the measure is the amount of the camera, it was still considered a standard camera. Even so, a second camera that comes complete specifications of the is almost certainly could be a solution for you when you want to capture those precious moments.

Guaranteed Internet connection Current and Stable with 4G LTE Network
For products made by, most of it has a device that can reach the 4G LTE network as its flagship connectivity. Just like the latest products other specifications on the line is already carrying connectivity data networking technology best and most complete to date. With the smartphone , man will feel super-fast internet access via LTE 4G data network. For the purposes of downloading, this smartphone can reach speeds up to 150 Mbps. As for uploads, can be driven until it reaches a maximum speed of 50 Mbps. Where you have not zoned for 4G LTE networks? Do not worry! Samsung's new smartphone also complement this with other data network technology, ranging from EDGE to HSPA. You can also enjoy free internet access via WiFi features that already exist on the. While for purposes of data transfer at close range, Samsung also complement this new mobile phone with Bluetooth and also features a microUSB slot. in the technology sector connectivity is also equipped with A-GPS navigation feature which will certainly help a lot navigational needs you when you're on the go or traveling.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Firmware Download

Firmware Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Download
Power Supply of Power Battery 1800 mAh
Lastly, let us consider the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Ace J1 on the power supply room. When referring to the specifications of the engine, you could say that this smartphone requires a large power supply. This is because the screen is a type of Super AMOLED screen fairly wasteful of energy. In addition, the kitchen runway space on this phone also uses hardware components of sufficient quality. Unfortunately, the this was not equipped with large-capacity battery. Noted, Samsung only equip this new mobile phone with a battery capacity of 1800 mAh. The capacity of the battery on the able to survive for approximately 12 hours in stand-by condition in 3G networks. So, if the friend an active gadget users, we recommend to always provide a backup power supply such as a power bank for specifications of in the power supply are not equipped with large-capacity battery.

The main advantage is owned by is when compared with other beginners class smartphone is definitely a type of screen is Super AMOLED screen type. In addition to having a pretty good visual quality, screen size is also quite extensive, reaching 4.3 inches. Then there were also a microSD card slot as external storage space that can accommodate up to 128 GB capacity. But unfortunately, as a beginner class smartphone, the still has some notes minus. Among other things, the capacity of only 512 MB of RAM. In addition, the screen resolution is also still relatively low.

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