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Samsung Galaxy A8 Firmware Download

Samsung Galaxy A8 Firmware Download. Is already preparing several new smartphone models. In addition to remain consistent with the latest series of smart devices, the South Korean company that was also presented several new models which is an update version of the old model. After yesterday we have discussed some of the new version, this time we arrival of which incidentally is still in the family. Just like the other series, the smart device version is an update version of the long version. This time, the  plotted to occupy the segment of wide-screen gadget, tablet or phone. As an update version, of course was also equipped with the technical specifications are increased from the old version. A few flashbacks, formerly long version is comparatively quite successful in the market by having a screen size of 5.7 inches. As a series of Android phablet, manages to be the choice for those who want the large screen. And now, tried to repeat the success of his old generation carries a variety of reform in each sector flagship.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Firmware Download

Each brings the concept of the physical design of the old version, the still looks elegant and luxurious like a clever device made by Samsung more. This latest phablet is still carrying the Super AMOLED type screen which has a screen size of 5.7 inches wide. When the exterior is not much change, then we will find an increase in the quality of the runway kitchen space taken. To improve its performance, this time pinning Samsung chipset of its own, namely Exynos 7420 chipset, powered by Octa-core processor. As a new component, Samsung also uses a larger RAM capacity, that is 3 GB. RAM capacity on the is larger than the old version is only equipped with a memory capacity of 2 GB RAM. Thanks to the use of new hardware components is, of course the resulting performance will be better. In addition to the machinery sector, the quality of graphics on was also received revisions. One of them is the use of the card or GPU graphics processor Mali-T760MP8 series are now a mainstay. As for the line of photography, this time relying duet Samsung 16 MP camera and 5 MP as the main documentary feature. This phablet was also supported by the completeness of the most complete and best connectivity technologies so that users are guaranteed smooth communication needs. Now that's a glimpse. Want to know the technical specifications are complete? Find the answer in a special review on the specifications and price of on the segments below!

Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy A8
Phone Tablet Berbodi Sleek with Physical Design Luxury Typical Samsung
When the product finds a latest gadget, of course, first we will see is what design as well as the physical specifications delivered by the product. Similarly, the specifications To initiate reviews, will start from physical parts sector. Hailed as the next generation version of the old, phablet version did not experience much change in the physical sector. Samsung's latest phablet is still bringing an elegant and luxurious design with wide corners at each end, just like the old version. The concept of the exterior design of still rely plated body contained a thin bezel on the sides of the screen, then sweetened with the Home button located at the bottom of the screen. Phablet is still brought the body slim, despite a slight increase in dimensions and weight. The physical dimensions is carrying a size of 158 x 76.8 x 6 mm, which is quite wide so friends have to use two hands when operating it. As for the visual business, Samsung also supplying advanced display technology as on the old version of the namely the Super AMOLED screen measuring 5.7 inches. The existing screen on the is a Full HD resolution display types, namely a 1920 x 1080 pixel density of 386 ppi screen. With the specification of the screen, of course the visual display generated would be very nice, sharp and pleasing to the eye. As we know, too, that the screen with Super AMOLED technology like the one on the is technologically advanced type of display still good when viewed from the angle of 180 degrees. As for the screen guard, is currently still in the process of confirmation, but it appears that they will bring a scratch-resistant screen coating as presented by the previous version, the Corning Gorilla Glass 4. One thing for sure is, specifications on the physical part of this it is still cool and stylish typical premium-class smart devices made by Samsung more.

The kitchen space Runway Performance Gahar Thanks Generate Support Exynos 7420 chip and 3GB RAM
Well after equally we see that the design of the specifications of it was not much different from the old version. Then, how the components in the recycling room redone? Herein lies the difference is more fundamental to the generation of this update. For business kitchen runway, of course Samsung has enhanced hardware for the better. On Samsung has equipped different chipsets, by relying on homemade chipset, 7420. Exynos chipset which is installed on the machine is a chipset with top class qualifications and higher than the Snapdragon 615 as flyer on older versions. By relying on the power of Octa-core processor, of course for the kitchen runway performance can hardly be doubted. Meanwhile, Samsung also provides improved RAM capacity on the old version only 2 GB, for the is equipped with 3 GB RAM capacity. The existence of a larger RAM capacity is certainly the kitchen runway performance is getting gahar and more leverage. Then, Samsung entrusts graphics processing on one of the graphics processing card product with top-class quality, GPU Mali-T760MP8. Where the components of the gaming activities also watch a video on the becomes more enjoyable with excellent graphics display. 

Samsung Galaxy A8 Firmware Download

Download Firmware Samsung Galaxy A8
On-board Memory Capacity 32 GB Give File Maximum Capacity
See specifications of some important sectors are classified as premium class, of course, to the storage part also can not lose. As a gadget that target upscale segment, naturally if the version is equipped with a memory capacity which is very spacious. This time, the phablet is equipped with an internal memory capacity of 32 GB. For the size of a modern smartphone, the capacity of 32 GB which is present in the is one of the most extensive. In the internal memory of the you can store various types of files, both audio and video files, games, or applications that require a very large memory space. Unlike other brands of smartphones, version is also still equipped with an external memory slot that can accommodate microSD cards up to a capacity of 128 GB. The presence of an external memory slot on the specifications of the is particularly useful for colleagues who want larger storage space. In addition, the presence of an external microSD slot which can accommodate a very wide external memory is also one of the advantages possessed by this new version.

Rely Duet line Qualified Photography Camera 16 MP and 5 MP
As a modern product with premium class segmentation, course specifications of also must be equipped with devices the number one quality photography. Specifications photography sector in the phablet version is actually still the same with photography components that exist on the old version. As the flagship camera, the main camera is used size 16 MP. The primary camera located on the back side of the is capable of producing shoots images with a resolution of 5312 x 2988 pixels. The camera is also equipped with LED flash and also features autofocus which will certainly help friends in yield quality photos. Then, to support a touch more modern and professional, the main camera on the is also equipped with features contemporary photography, such as Geo-tagging, Touch Focus, Face Detection, Panorama and HDR features. For the front camera or the secondary camera, Samsung also wants to satisfy comrades in doing selfie photo or video calls, by supplying sized 5 MP front camera which is of course able to provide photo shots smooth and sharp. In addition to the documentation in the form of photos, the camera contained in the specifications of can also be used as a video recording medium with a maximum results, ie Full HD 1080p resolution either from the main camera and a secondary camera.

Firmware Samsung Galaxy A8 Download
Reinforced Complete Connectivity 4G LTE Data Network
Supports the sophistication of other sectors, the specifications of has also been equipped with the best network connectivity, namely 4G LTE network that is contained in one of the dual SIM card slots that exist on this phablet. As a product of premium class gadget, phablet version certainly guarantees the perfect speed internet access. To download needs, the 4G LTE network in the phablet could present speeds up to 300 Mbps and upload speed can reach 50 Mbps. The speed must have been more than enough to meet the daily needs of your internet. Then, in addition to the network the most advanced of 4G LTE is given, the also provides a choice of reliable connectivity, such as HSPA, EDGE and GSM so that when you are in a location that has not been covered 4G LTE were still able to enjoy access to the internet with ease. Samsung's latest phablet also complement this with other connectivity features. For the needs of short-range connections, is also equipped with WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth also microUSB throughout its very useful to meet the needs in accordance with its function. The more complete and sophisticated, specifications is also equipped with a navigation system that is pretty advanced, that of A-GPS which is also supported by GLONNAS which of course the device will be able to map the location very well.

Battery Li-Ion 3050 mAh Ensure Power Supply Fulfilled
In addition to the technical specifications of quality and communication technology kengkap, of course, the power supply sector is also the one thing that should never be forgotten. Well on this last section, we will discuss the specifications of in the power supply room. If you look at the specifications of each sector, then we can estimate that the latest smartphone made by Samsung have certainly require considerable power supply. This is because the is equipped with high-quality components. Power consumption is most certainly part of the screen is very broad. In addition to the screen, lonektivitas sector in this phablet also need a large enough power supply. This is because the is equipped with two SIM card slots and also 4G LTE data network technology. To meet the power needs of a sizeable, Samsung was pinned on a battery with a capacity large enough. Noted, specifications of on the power supply is equipped with a battery capacity of 3,050 mAh. More than 3,000 mAh capacity is certainly going to provide enough power supply for a whole day on this phablet.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Firmware Download

Advantages and Disadvantages
Presented as a complement of the old version, the main advantages possessed by is part of the kitchen spur. With a flagship component Exynos 7420 processor which is supported by 3 GB RAM, then the quality of performance could no doubt. In addition to parts of the machine, other advantages possessed by this smartphone is the screen which is very spacious. In addition, the type of screen is also a type of Super AMOLED screen. Despite having an almost perfect specifications, but the latest smartphone from Samsung also has some drawbacks. One of them is fairly heavy weight and size is large enough to have to use two hands in order to operate more optimally.

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