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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Firmware Download

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Firmware Download. After crowded reported Samsung is currently developing a project steeped latest Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung finally released it first falsifies generation of whose sales fairly exploded in the market thanks to the technology they carry. Falsifies version of was later named, where the meaning behind the name Plus meant increased screen size and dimensions are more jumbo. If you look at the specifics, the striking difference between the two smartphones includes only minor changes, with some physical differences between the with as the style home screen button and change the physical size. The presence of the smartphone series itself is expected by the vendors can equip the lines are now several variants began to dominate the market for premium devices. Just like the series, is also plotted to occupy the market share of premium-class smart devices. Because it is a premium smartphone, to be sure anyway will carry first-class specification to deliver a strong performance.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Firmware Download

Review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus
Smartphone Display Premium with Charming Thanks to the 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen. Being in the top segment of the market top class smart devices, to be sure if the specifications of has the physical appearance with a subtle aura are a premium. Starting from the material brought, until the technology is in it, almost all of them using the latest technology touch. In the visible, to design the still has a design similarity, only on some parts to be changed as the home screen buttons are now given a chrome accents. While its design is still the same with a thin curved design at each corner and then sweetened with bezel using a metal material. Then to its dimensions, it's clear the has a dimension that is more But despite that, technically still quite slim so it's very comfortable when held. As for other advantages in the smartphone is also located on the specifics on the screen. The latest smartphone from Samsung is carrying the type of Super AMOLED screen measuring 5.5 inches with a depth of 16 million colors. Problem resolution can not be doubted because the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus is equipped with a screen resolution reaches 1080 x 1920 pixels with a density of up to 401 ppi display. Besides the advantage specifications on the smartphone screen is also more classy thanks to the concave screen technology Curved Edge Screen and user privacy data protection via Fingerprint Sensors. To further add to the sophistication, the screen also supports digital mode through Samsung Pay transactions. Finally, closing the review the specifications on the display, to beautify the appearance of a more attractive interface, this smart phone has been supported by the display interface Touch Wiz UI which is quite attractive.

Firmware Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus
It's time to switch on the specifications of in the kitchen runway space. When discussing the part machining on the series is, in fact we will find the hardware specs are not much different with the series. Just like his siblings, the sophistication of the does not stop at the design concept that is so appealing. In order to provide reliable performance, the engine on this smartphone powered by the engine with eight-core or octa-core processor, which is carried through two processors. The processor is a mainstay, which carries power and with a clock speed of 2.1 GHz. Was again using chipsets made by Samsung Electronics alone, the in the smartphone series. The chipset itself, is already used by Samsung, on several previous production. The use of homemade chipset in the it's not something new to remember Samsung is already several times using the same hardware on its products. Using the components directly Samsung could control its products in full, including. This smartphone performance was also more resilient thanks to the presence of RAM capacity of 4 GB. Run a variety of applications. HD running game was not something to be feared, because the available on the will collaborate, to produce the graphics settings are good. Power generated by the kitchen runway smartphone also greatly helped by the presence of the latest version of Lollipop which will provide better experience to the world of Android users. Generally, the specifications of in the engine room does have quality commensurate with other.

Firmware Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Download
There are 32 GB Internal Memory for Storage Media
For the third segment, will discuss the specifications of  in the storage or file storage space. Storage or memory sector has become one part of a very vital because it will directly relate to the performance of the engine. In order to provide maximum access to jobs, the is also equipped with an internal memory capacity is very large. Noted, this time Samsung provide this new smartphone with an internal memory capacity which is very spacious, namely 32 GB. With internal memory capacity is very broad, can be ascertained users will not meet again with the problem of running out of file storage space. You can store any form of apps, multimedia files, or other files freely. One more thing that remains to be seen is whether Samsung will equip the series with an external memory slot or not. But if you see a trend that is often made by Samsung on the products of its smartphone, chances are indeed specifications will still be equipped with an external memory.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Firmware Download

Rely Photography Duet line 16 MP camera and 5 MP
Time to move to the segment specifications of the line of photography. When compared with its predecessor, the strength of the main camera on the series is smaller. When the carries a powerful 20 MP primary camera, so this time the is only equipped with a 16 MP rear camera. it is not a detrimental thing. Pictures taken with the main camera will also be more qualified for the camera features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, Auto HDR, and also features a panorama. Camera shots behind also will get better thanks to the presence of LED flash that will help pal solve lighting problems on the object image is not too good lighting. Not limited to produce quality pictures, 16 MP main camera on the can also help friends produce a video with a resolution of 2160p at 30fps. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Download Firmware
Complete connectivity with 4G LTE Network Support
As advanced mobile devices today, the specification also must have been equipped with connectivity features ranging assortment of mobile features to non-cellular. Completeness of connectivity technologies are absolutely necessary for the sake of today's smartphones meet the needs of its users. Just like the series of premium class smartphone made by also has brought the best connectivity technologies. As the main data network, the data network technology that can be driven up to a maximum speed of 150 Mbps. Speed ​​data access on the is one of the best because it has brought. While friends were uncovered 4G LTE network, you can use an alternative network options available, ranging from EDGE to HSPA networks. This smartphone also has been equipped with a variety of features range connections are very functional, ranging from feature WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth v4.2 up for the purposes of data transfer at close range. As a complement to the specifications on the connectivity.

Maximum Power Supply with 3000 mAh Battery Capacity
In the discussion for the last segment, we will review the specifications for the power supply sector. As we already know, the itself is equipped with quality components with high enough performance. For this reason, in order to maintain the stability of the working of the certainly needed a capable power supply unit. To support the power requirements, with a battery capacity is large enough, that is 3,000 mAh. For the needs of sailing power a smartphone 5.5-inch, non-removable battery type Li-Po 3000 mAh capacity is actually sufficient. Moreover, embedded on the screen is known to have a power consumption that is not too extravagant. If used in a 3G connection, such capacity can last up to a full day. However, because the existing hardware components in the specifications of is a high-grade hardware that has a high power consumption, good friend always prepare a portable power supply when using this phablet move.

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