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Download Dell B1165NFW Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Dell B1165NFW.

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Review of Dell B1165NFW:
Bought this once thorough searching of competitors, and am happy to possess done therefore. Sleep mode's nicely quiet, however the machine wakes up quickly for printing or repetition. Scan and print quality square measure quite smart. Network association works simply and provides full setup of the printer via its own web content (use the printer's scientific discipline address because the URL). Little gripe: the buttons at higher right don't seem to be labelled, and also the raised icons on them square measure a similar matte black because the buttons themselves, therefore you want to press the beginning button to bet illumination to inform that button is that.

So the printer suggested my that my previous toner cartridge was empty, despite the very fact that's was printing fine. Shortly once the warning message, the printer stopped printing, wouldn't print despite the very fact that it had been printing fine. I attempted various things, went through the everyday troubleshooting steps. Nothing worked, would not print. once more it wasn't that's was printing poor quality, the standard was fine, i.e. no visual proof on the pages that the cartridge was empty.Finely swapped out the cartridge for a replacement cartridge, and also the printer started operating once more, not happy that I had to throw out a superbly smart cartridge, that would have had a 100+ or 500+ pages left for all i do know, as a result of the printer set it absolutely was time to alter cartridges. optical device cartridges square measure nearly as costly because the printer.

I recently purchased associate degree Apple iMac. sadly, my existing older Canon optical device all-in-one printer was incompatible with any mack OS. I had additionally recently noninheritable associate degree iPad and iPhone that required wireless printing capability, therefore a year-and-a-half past I had purchased associate degree H.P. wireless inkjet all-in-one printer. That works like magic, except keeping it in ink comes getting ready to the U.S. debt ceiling. I required a mack OS-compatible monochrome optical device system.

I searched the marketplace for concerning four months. The one issue that the majority afraid Maine off was the wireless software package perhaps was, however most likely wasn't simply compatible with mack OS or iOS systems while not app workarounds. therefore I unbroken looking the market hoping one thing new would be discharged. After a couple of months a replacement printer quietly appeared while not abundant web identification nor fanfare, the hollow B1165nfw. there have been very few reviews, and what was out there was inconclusive. The a lot of I searched and compared specs, the a lot of confidence I got back the hollow system, found a large value break from hollow, even under Amazon, and set to require an opportunity.

It recently was delivered and that I was amazed; it found out wirelessly in moments. Once connected to my iMac, our alternative systems as well as a MacBook Air, 2 iPhones, an iPad, and a hollow Windows seven laptop computer all connected in single digit key strokes or faucets. The print quality is great for a home base printer, the mechanism is comparatively quiet compared to most printers. Scanning and repetition work well, however i do not shall use the fax and cannot touch upon that.

In the disappointment department... and I knew these before I bought it... there is no auto-duplexing, however there square measure printing steps for manual duplexing (this value a star within the overall rating). there's no separate guide for envelopes or alternative non-standard-sized media, and there is no protect the paper receptacle. Another issue raised by alternative reviewers is that the full-up toner cartridge has associate degree approximate 1500 page capability, somewhat low to alternative printers in its category. Given this value of a replacement cartridge, that creates the printing value per page on top of average. However, 1500 pages square measure most likely 2 years' production for my desires, if it works as publicised.

All of these problems, given the terribly low value I paid, square measure minor and have very little impact on overall capability, that is what I used to be seeking out. I'm terribly snug with a product factory-made by a corporation I've bought several alternative systems from and trust. I'm quite glad I took the leap - it's a good price for the worth. I haven't used the printer enough to convey it a radical review, but it prints well, is fast, and encompasses a heap of options for the worth. I required this to be found out as a Google Cloud Print printer as a result of the the sole laptop within the menage it's being employed in may be a Google Chromebook. The documentation provided (no hardcopy, simply a PDF version on disk) is unclear, and eventually you get to Dell's instruction page for mistreatment the printer with Google Cloud Print that is additionally unclear.

The first task throughout installation that clothed somewhat of a retardant was obtaining the printer recognized as a network printer. like alternative brands of network printers, there square measure a couple of ways that of doing this. The "easier" ways that failed to work on behalf of me even supposing the printer did manage to search out the wireless network on its own. I had to resort to wiring the printer via USB to a Windows (8) laptop and running the setup software package offered on Dell's web site (the setup software package provided on the disk might have probably worked too, however it absolutely was unclear if Dell's web site had associate degree updated code and software package version declared as being needed by the documentation).

Then, it looks straightforward and would be with clearer documentation, however subsequent challenge was to induce the Google Chromebook to acknowledge the printer. It's buried within the documentation, and it might are tons easier to search out if I had a hardcopy version of the documentation. you wish to sort the scientific discipline address of the printer into the Chromebook browser URL field. you ought to have gotten the scientific discipline address of the printer throughout the wireless network printer setup. That address brings you to a webpage happiness to the printer you only put in, complete with intuitive tabs and fields that may get the printer organized as a Google Cloud Print device.

The Dell B1165NFW is one in all the few reasonable Google Cloud Print prepared optical device printers with multiple functions. i might have given it five stars in and of itself if it came with clearer documentation concerning the way to set it up to be used as a Google Cloud Printer.

The Dell B1165NFW printer works nice if you own iPads or iPhones you'll be able to print on to it it's quick prints tons of pages in black-and-white and staples or OfficeMax don't carry the toner. to date The hollow B1165nfw optical device Multifunction Monochrome Printer works fine, prints quick, scans square measure excellent. All my computers acknowledge the device and only 1 had a retardant with the print manager however that was straightforward to unravel with straightforward workaround. I will undoubtedly advocate this product.

Unpacking wasn't tough however additionally demanding. I even have a mack book professional running mavericks beta. Setup? What setup? I turned the printer on and written a document from my mack and my ipad instantly simply by selecting the printer from an inventory. Done. Fax? straightforward. Scanning? I do not use scanning therefore i am unable to comment. nice printer. Works nice have one reception & one at the workplace.

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To ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Dell B1165NFW provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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