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Download Samsung SL-C460FW Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Samsung SL-C460FW.

"Samsung SL-C460FW"

This is the most effective printer I actually have ever in hand...

  • Print quality is fantastic; takes many seconds to heat up if it has been sitting for a minute, however once it will, it prints wicked fast; cannot wait to fiddle with footage as a result of you'll obtain exposure paper for optical device printers (just discovered it).
  • Scanning quality is wonderful and simple to use, really had to backpedal on the standard of some footage as a result of the file was too huge to connect to Associate in Nursing email.
  • Copy quality is therefore sensible you cannot tell the distinction between the initial document and also the copy, it even create the gilded define of my husband's master's sheepskin once he created a duplicate for his worker file at work.

The Samsung SL-C460FW printer was an excellent notice. The print quality is nice, the cartridges look little, however we've gotten a great deal of prints out of even the cartridges it ships with. Roughly 1200 b/w and three hundred color. the worth of replacement toner is far under different brands. it isn't lightning quick, however if you merely print once and a minute, it fits the bill. I ought to say, color printing is not quick. B/w is quick. Scanning is nice, repetition is easy, setup is easy, air print works nice. Paper capability is honest. it's a really compact foot print. the sole criticism I actually have is that once it prints, it attracts some power. Dims the lights on an equivalent circuit. most likely American state being important.

While it's straightforward to get rid of a packed page from the fuser, it's nearly not possible to get rid of pages wrapped round the fuser. I had to get rid of the fuser (after disassembling abundant of the printer) to urge the paper out. By now the paper was scorched brown and quite brittle. undecided if it'd have ever lit, however it certain was scorched. Apparently the grinding is that the fuser roller not moving whereas the remainder of the rollers ar still pushing. If I press the fuser forward (from the back), the grinding is a smaller amount and it prints simply fine. However, I clearly cannot do this. I removed all of the print path and reinstalled to insure the initial jam did not dislodge/misalign one thing, however no improvement.

The printer arrived quickly and got wind of was a breeze. putting in the wireless went while not a hitch and that I was printing at intervals many minutes. What very affected American state is I run a UNIX laptop and also the printer has driver for it. i used to be able to set it au courant there and it's full practicality through Ubuntu. I conjointly set it up through each Associate in Nursing iPhone and humanoid with Google print share and it works cleanly. This printer has been nice and I am glad I selected it.

I simply got the SL-C460FW printer and was able to print from my portable computer, samsung S4 and IPad inside many minutes. it absolutely was the primary time I've used the NFC feature on my phone. The wireless association setup is completed wirelessly from my portable computer that is cool. The installation software system created a right away wireless reference to the printer to line it up. I did not even need to sort in my wireless network countersign. I assume the printer installation software system gets the knowledge it desires from my laptop's existing wireless configuration. I did not use the installation CD that came with the printer.

It's super quick printing, and also the text is obvious and wondrous. I am a student, therefore I print a great deal, and once I need to print one thing within the morning before running out the door, it does not slow American state down any and it continuously appearance nice. once it really works. Half the time the wireless does not work and that I need to manipulate everything within the hopes that one thing simply ad libitum connects. My adult male, World Health Organization works in Associate in Nursing IT field repairing computers and printers, refuses to the touch it as a result of even he does not understand why it suddenly stops operating. the pc continuously says that it's "not connected" even once it prints.

The other drawback is that the ink. I simply had to switch the black toner (it came within the mail this week) as a result of it stopped printing and same "Low Toner" even if once I written check pages from the printer itself (status pages and whatnot) it looked simply fine and did not have any indication of low toner. I even tried all the tricks I will notice and zip worked. Now, it's telling American state low toner once more, however with no indication of that color desires substitution. I am a student, and that i do not have the time, or the cash, to travel obtain loads of toner simply to work out that color desires substitution.

Lastly, and fewer significantly, once I print, Associate in Nursing icon shows au courant all-time low and starts blinking, however once I click on that, nothing happens. I actually have Windows eight, so could also be causative. the sole reason i would like this window to appear, is so I will see things like that toner desires substitution and once I have to be compelled to go place in additional paper. But for you to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Samsung SL-C460FW provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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Samsung SL-C460FW Printer Driver Free
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