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Download Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Samsung CLP-680ND.

"Samsung CLP-680ND"

This printer is clearly designed for the workplace market or for a user United Nations agency wants a solid color printer for business. Thanks to that, it's massive, heavy, and also the consumables area unit relatively high-ticket once you inspect a consumer-level inkjet. It includes postscript printing capability therefore you'll print EPS files cleanly, tho' i think it's interpolating and not true postscript since it looks to require longer to print postscript files. For business, particularly if you wish to try to to charts and graphs or print razor sharp text, this will a good job. I tested it out on many charts and graphs and that they were all exceptionally sharp and showed fine detail in pie charts with unsmooth wedges. The output is gorgeous, crisp, bright and elaborated. Photos that I written showed fine detail on tiny pictures of faces and sensible color vary. I written a spread of images including each close-up and distance shots of faces. Even the far-off shots showed sensible detail on tiny faces. the kind of posterizing or loss of fine detail that you just typically see in cheaper printers wasn't a difficulty. Still, the Samsung CLP-680ND is often not for making skilled prints available, however it will terribly nicely for general business and residential use additionally as proofing of art.

Prepping the printer is comparatively simple. There area unit numbered picture-based directions (no manual except one enclosed on the CD) that walk you thru a way to take away the varied tabs and protecting bits of tape and the way to organize the toner cartridges. The toner drawer feels a touch flimsy, however the printer already weighs fifty one lbs. therefore i am unsure extra weight for a sturdier case would be worthy. it is not as if one has to be gap and shutting it oftentimes, however caution once handling it's going to be secure. If you catch it on one thing, it'll probably chip, crack, or snap. In regards to installation, I used this printer with 2 totally different versions of the Windows OS (XP and 7) and with mack OS ten.5.8. On Windows XP and seven, it's a dream to put in and use. you put in the drivers from the enclosed CD and it's just about sensible to travel with wireless printing quickly. A print manager is additionally put in in order that you'll modification preferences or track toner use/replacement. Samsung clearly did an honest job prepping this for Windows.

On the mack aspect, things failed to go therefore swimmingly and that is why I knocked a star off of the rating. whereas I might use this with my mack, I might solely do therefore employing a USB cable. I couldn't get the wireless affiliation to figure irrespective of what I did. I ought to note that this might be my version of the mack OS (10.5.8 is Associate in Nursing older version) which I actually have a similar drawback with a Canon inkjet wireless all-in-one that I typically use Associate in Nursingd had an identical drawback with an H.P. all-in-one that I quickly used. I will print, however only hard-wired with a USB cable, and it is also vital to notice that this Samsung printer doesn't associate with aforementioned cable within the box. this is often somewhat annoying since, though you'll get the wireless to figure on your mack, you're needed as a part of the installation to quickly connect via USB (this isn't the case on Windows). If you have a mack, you may need to create positive you've got one available or purchase one coincident with the printer.

The cartridges can print between 1500-2000 pages reckoning on the quantity of color/text used for the pages. whereas the replacement cartridges from Samsung area unit high-ticket, you'll get lower priced ones from a 3rd party for as very little as $80, tho' I imagine exploitation them could violate the pledge. whereas even $80 per toner cartridge looks expensive, you'll replace them by selection (there area unit separate cyan, magenta, yellow, and black cartridges). If you are considering a electrostatic printer like this that is dear or Associate in Nursing inkjet that is affordable, it is vital to contemplate however typically you print. Associate in Nursing inkjet's cartridges can dry out if not used frequently and can not print nearly as several pages as a toner cartridge. It very depends on your priorities and the way nice your would like for a better quality output. The device on this is often terribly sleek and that I written solely on commonplace photocopy paper with wonderful results. it's Associate in Nursing adjustable feed receptacle, however I solely tested it with letter-size prints. The manual will say that it supports a good sort of paper sizes and weights tho'.

All in all, the CLP-680ND is often a really nice printer with pretty output at a value purpose that is competitive, however not all-time low value. It's exhausting to directly compare as there area unit cheaper, smaller models that area unit all-in-one however aren't designed to be such workhorses. Cheaper color optical maser printers tend to be slower, parenthetically. reckoning on your wants, this might be a really sensible choice, notably if you're a Windows user. The printer works just about as publicised (while somewhat acceptable for photos, it is not very a high notch alternative for that feature). It's quick, the options --- notably double aspect printing area unit fine Associate in Nursingd it's a superb alternative for an workplace printer.

However, you are doing got to bear in mind of some unregistered options --- that once celebrated will considerably improve the Samsung CLP-680ND printer's usefulness:

  • Replacement cartridges. Recently, remanufactured cartridges have come back on the market. I simply put in 3 and straight off got a "not compatible" messsage. No menu feature or choice might correct the matter. However, turning the printer off, waiting one or two of minutes and reinstalling the cartridges caused the printer to recalibrate and acknowledge the replacements as compatible. The cartridge dealer ( confirmed that this is often a celebrated issue with Samsung and suggested turning the printer off, unplugging it and reseating the cartridges because the resolution. That works! Remanufactured cartridges deliver print quality adequate the OEM's, therefore there is no reason to pay the total boat for "genuine" Samsung cartridges, that area unit approach too high-ticket (almost worthwhile to throw out the printer and obtain a brand new one with new cartridges for concerning a similar cost!!).
  • Print quality. The print quality for general correspondence and text is OK. However, if you need higher quality and darker print, it's best to show off the "toner save" feature in your printer preferences. whereas toner could be saved, print quality is degraded. this is often notably true once printing out color graphics or photos.
  • Feeding from the pull down receptacle causes to printer to delay printing and a blunder message seems on the monitor from the Samsung software package indicating a receptacle match. there's no match and this is often a celebrated bug that there's alleged to be a celebrated fix. However, I've nonetheless to search out it. still, when a brief delay, the feed works utterly fine and also the error message disappears. If you'll suffer the preceding, this is often a top quality color electrostatic printer. whereas there are some complaints concerning their support, I've had occasion to use them doubly so way the service has been quite acceptable.

The printer arrived quickly via Prime. it's larger than I believed it's. Then I put in the printer driver into one amongst the wireless networking pc, the check page appearance excellent too. I conjointly tested the double sides printing. It doesn't take that long ago the paper had to be flipped. I tested the JPEG printing it's sensible however i'll use the incorrect paper or failed to get the setting right.

Got this product for my workplace. I came with full ink cartridges and not tiny starter ones. Had it in situ, ink loaded and got wind of in a very matter of minutes. Loading the software package took longer than machine. a touch confusing was exploitation legal size paper. The receptacle extends to just accept 11x14 paper, however unbroken obtaining the error message that there was no paper. you've got to sink the front and place the legal paper therein approach. Once I patterned it out, it had been simple. Would advocate this for home or workplace. Works well. Prints quick. we tend to do low volume printing and have had it for concerning two years. No issues nevertheless networking problems often, however that's a lot of to try to to with my network setup than the printer. I had to extend the print timout setting which solved most of the problems. So to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Samsung CLP-680ND provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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