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Download Samsung SCX-3405FW Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Samsung SCX-3405FW.

"Samsung SCX-3405FW"

I white-haired however this compact machine match nicely in my tight house. Once it worked, it worked well. It poor the second day of use. Drats... The readout indicated that the scanner was bolted. It wasn't locked; it had a broken very little piece visible and electronic countermeasures the scanner... 1st a handful drawbacks before I forget them. It really took my husband many hours to ab initio get the wireless a part of the Samsung SCX-3405FW printer got wind of and connected. Also, I assumed it'd be able to print on something, however after I tried to print invites on cardstock, it simply crowded because it rounded the corner. (Removal was straightforward, however I used to be frustrated I would not be able to do my son's birtthday invites reception on this printer). I am conjointly involved that it's progressing to run through the toner pretty quickly. per its internal monitor, it's already all the way down to eighty three and that i simply do regular printing--a few sheets each day, for regarding 3-4 weeks currently.

The good points of Samsung SCX-3405FW: optical device printing, flatbed color scanner, ability to fax/scan to pc, super fast printing and repetition. Of all the optical device printer/scanners we have a tendency to researched i'd still purchase this one once more. It isn't good, however it's extremely smart. I am no starter to technology, I bang for a living and are doing it for an extended time. I even have setup workplace topology, servers, voip systems and have just about seen it all. till I ought to this printer. Then I got it operating and affirmative once it's operating, it's still operating. I got it networked and accessible on three cellphones, 3 tablets, three Win seven and one WinXP (yes I same XP,no choice) digital computer which was the straightforward half.

To install it on XP I had to feature a neighborhood printer, then use the scientific discipline do not trouble making an attempt to feature as a network printer, this is not a network printer service, thus most significantly transfer the motive force and add as a neighborhood via scientific discipline and you're smart for XP. Once done, it worked a charm. For Win seven additional printer as traditional, however still downloaded the motive force because the generic driver wasn't showing information on behalf of me, in any case the problems I had, i wasn't progressing to probability it, I hit up samsung web site and downloaded the proper driver from the get go.

Software wise, OH boy there square measure some flaw I'd ne'er have additional in my code.

  • You can not set this up while not connecting a pc. Period! you'll manipulate the front panel, however you're entirely wasting some time. Connect a USB pc and stir up the CD and you're on your means. you have got been warned!!!
  • Install straightforward Printer Manager from their website, and you'll manage the printer okay, however it's no drivers thus you're inquisitive why you cannot add the printer. Again, go get the motive force pack that is additionally on the web site. I say this as a result of I had a netbook that has no CD, I downloaded the straightforward Printer Manager and was shocked to search out I still had no driver, however might manage the printer...
  • Associate in Nursing unavowed admin user name and secret, that isn't on any half declared anyplace. affirmative once you setup the printer victimization the USB, if you afterwards arrange to connect with it via the adjust through webservice, it requests and admin username and secret. that BTW isn't documented anyplace..I virtually had to search out it on some underground web site..The worst half is, there's no obvious interface to then modification this to a secret of your own...The jokes simply keep returning.
  • WIRELESS of Samsung SCX-3405FW does not WORK. affirmative I detected somebody recommend you shut off your firewall to induce it to figure, quote swing the dog down..FYI..Firewalls square measure terribly, important..Any factor that needs a firewall turned off to figure, is in my book, absolute garbage. A well written app ought to UDP its own port, or they ought to a minimum of tell Maine what port it desires opened if required. on condition that i used to be substitution Associate in Nursing aging wireless HP All-in-One inkjet that did not want firewall turned off, I neglected the advise to show off firewall.

I finally got the Wireless to figure once, whereas I did the setup. Once it visited sleep it had been anyone's guess wherever the wireless went. All i do know is it ne'er came back. All makes an attempt to echo the address would end in born packets and ten responsibleness. UN agency desires to print therewith.

I really required the wireless choice and that i came up with subsequent best resolution. I used Associate in Nursing previous TEW-713RE wireless extender I had lying around and it basically includes a local area network port thereon however conjointly boosts your WiFi, that once it pairs with the Wi-FI provides a local area network port for the printer. thus basically I used it as a Wi-Fi - local area network electronic device. It works a treat currently...

Once I used this, I finished tearing my hair out and moved forward with the setup of the digital computer devices. Even then I had to use the Clear Network Menu settings so simply plug this into the TEW-713RE. I then proceeded to pin a STATIC scientific discipline and unharness it however it stuck. i feel the Router can simply determined to pin it that scientific discipline. Once I Checked the network and will see the printer all the time, it had been currently accessible for adding. convey goodness.

Fax has no shut off. I child you not. it's fax alright, however there's really no FAX ENABLE/DISABLE choice. i'm still dumbfounded. the sole choice was to use the manager and switch rings to most I forget whether or not it had been seven or nine rings. Either that otherwise you switch to the trustworthy plug and disconnect the telephone circuit of fine previous days. you recognize the times before some clever guy found out that you just might have a pass through phone port on a fax machine that you may disable, OH right Samsung incomprehensible that one.

Sleep get up is annoying. I even have it set to 30second sleep timeout that is that the default, I hate the actual fact that everytime you wake it up, it virtually rumbles into action and spends 10-15seconds warming up and preparing. What I found irritating was that this happened even after you touched the menu button. Jeez. i have not determined, thus why square measure you warming up. I perceive this hastens the print time, however the recurrent warming up cannot be smart.

PROS of Samsung SCX-3405FW:
It prints okay and quickly that is nice. I even have nonetheless to check the Scan and Fax functions, however the package did have some nice scan to laptop practicality and alert practicality that I likable till i spotted it solely had two choices basically expression "Paper JAM" and "BUY additional TONER".

Samsung robot Print App is nice and very created up for plenty of the problems I encountered. It permits Maine to not simply Print however I will currently FAX and find this SCAN from any robot device. That was one massive and. I virtually gave it two starts till i spotted that i'd be rating the app not the SCX-3405FW printer.

For me it is a nice low-cost Multi-Function Unit, however if you browse the reviews you will see that wireless may be a pain, I overcame that victimization another piece of school I had lying around. But seriously it's some flaws. Wireless won't work the means you're wont to... But anyway to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Samsung SCX-3405FW provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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Samsung SCX-3405FW Printer Driver Free
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